Dallas highlights Flood Awareness Week

Dallas highlights Flood Awareness Week

Flood Awareness Week is May 18 to 22, 2020. Flood Awareness Week is designed to raise awareness about the dangers of floods and flash floods. Severe weather and flooding can happen at any time and Dallas has experienced significant flooding events over the past couple of years. It is vital that Dallas residents stay weather alert and prepare for potential sudden flooding and unexpected acts of Mother Nature.

When severe weather happens, City of Dallas departments like Dallas Water Utilities, the Office of Emergency Management and Dallas Fire-Rescue activate to manage the City’s flood protection systems and processes.

Stormwater and flood-fighting infrastructure are vital components in the flood protection for any city. The Dallas Floodway System includes sumps, pump stations and drainage for 51 square miles of watershed protected along a 30-mile long levee system. This system protects residential and business districts worth an estimated $13 billion. Dallas currently has 20 pump stations, three of the pump stations are state-of-the-art facilities featuring corrosion-resistant concrete volute pumps, the largest of their type in the U.S., featuring the latest in computerization and technology.

The City of Dallas, the Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA), and the National Weather Service (NWS) urge drivers to always follow these flood safety tips:

  • Turn Around, Don’t Drown®
  • It is NEVER safe to drive or walk into flood waters.
  • Heed all warning signs.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of water.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings when driving.
  • Use extra caution when driving or walking at night in storm conditions.

Residents can prepare for severe weather or flooding by knowing the implications of flood watches and warnings, having a preparedness kit of supplies and developing a plan on how to reach family and friends during an emergency.

For more details on flood safety tips, visit the information on www.TrinityRiverCorridor.com

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