Caution: High-water conditions expected in the Dallas area

Caution: High-water conditions expected in the Dallas area

Dallas has received substantial rainfall this past weekend and more is expected. The heavy rainfall creates high-water conditions throughout the city. The public is advised to practice flood safety by practicing caution and heeding all warning signs when approaching flooded roads, streets, streams, or any body of water.

“The public is urged to be cautious of high-water conditions throughout the city. Never attempt to drive through, bike or walk into flood waters,” said Sarah Standifer, Assistant Director, Dallas Water Utilities. “Practice flood safety and do not take any chances. Turn around and don’t drown is the best plan of action.”

 Observe these basic safety rules. They could save your life.

  • Heed all warning signs.
  • Watch for rising water levels.
  • Know where high ground is and move there quickly if you see or hear rapidly rising water.
  • Do not attempt to cross through flowing water or standing water when you do not know its depth.
  • Do no try to drive through flooded areas — most flood-related deaths occur in automobiles.
  • If your vehicle stalls, abandon it and seek higher ground immediately.
  • Be especially cautious at night.
  • Adhere to the advice of local emergency management officials before going on area lakes or rivers.

The public is advised to follow the National Weather Service recommendation “Turn Around. Don’t Drown.” and be aware of the dangers of driving or walking into flooded areas. For additional flood safety tips visit NWS/FloodSafetyTips.

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