Capital campaign underway to renovate Dallas Firefighters Museum

Capital campaign underway to renovate Dallas Firefighters Museum

A capital campaign is now underway to raise $5.6 million needed to renovate the Dallas Firefighters Museum. Opened in 1972 to honor those who have given their lives keeping Dallas safe, the nonprofit museum is funded by Dallas Fire Rescue (DFR) members through payroll deduction and an admission charge.

FF“We’re hoping to modernize the interior and restore the building’s exterior to its original 1907 façade,” said DFR Fire Battalion Section Chief and Museum president Trixie Lohrke. “By changing the interior footprint, the Museum simultaneously will lay the foundation for expanded outreach to thousands of schoolchildren.”

Through a unique partnership with DFR educators, the capital campaign will create a new educational center which will give thousands more children a unique learning opportunity. The center will feature hands-on exhibits, an IMAX theatre, antique equipment and a life-sized room complete with beds and fire poles, replicating how early firefighters lived and worked at the station.

To plan your museum trip or donate to its preservation and educational mission visit:

Dallas Fire-Rescue currently maintains a force of some 2,000 fire and medical professionals at 58 locations throughout the city.

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