Unique challenge to solve food inequities launches

Unique challenge to solve food inequities launches

Challenge to find non-traditional solutions to solve traditional problems.

The City of Dallas Office of Innovation, in partnership with the Communities Foundation of Texas, is seeking creative ideas to increase access to local, nutritious and affordable food options for all Dallas residents. The Food Idea Innovation Challenge gives Dallas residents the opportunity to submit ideas and solutions on how the City can work towards solving food inequities in their communities. Ultimately, it will aid the City’s efforts in having better food access, healthier food choices, more locally-grown food and reduce food waste.

Ideas can be submitted online through a crowdsourcing idea management tool. Written submission forms will also be available at WIC Centers, libraries and recreation centers throughout the city. Once ideas have been submitted, residents are encouraged to vote on their favorite idea. Proposals will then be reviewed by City staff and stakeholders. Selected ideas will then be piloted by the City.

In Dallas, 36% of residents live in a federally defined food desert and it is estimated that 1 in 5 children live in food-insecure households according to the North Texas Food Bank.


The deadline to submit ideas is Thursday, November 21. The review process and piloting of selected submissions will begin Spring of 2020.

Written by, Anastasia Reed

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