Library grant will support after school programs at five branches

Library grant will support after school programs at five branches

A $5,000 grant from the Association for Library Services for Children will help the Dallas Public Library continue science, technology, engineering, arts and math programs at five branch locations.

“We are calling it STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) and Snacks,” said Library Out-of-School-Time Manager Amy Priour, who created the program curriculum and structure. “STEAM and Snacks is an important way for the library to enhance its children’s programming beyond reading literacy to reflect a critical 21st century science and technology component,” she said.

Specially designed to be age and skill set appropriate for elementary school audiences, activities will be based around hands-on projects and experiments that reinforce specific and cross-curricular STEAM topics though activities such as coding practice, roller coaster building, chess strategy, electronic inventions and storytelling. Program instructors will discuss possible career paths associated with each activity and invite discussion about skills and areas of study needed in order to enter the field.

STEAM and Snacks also aims to broaden students’ conceptions of careers in STEAM fields, underscoring the role that scientific experimentation and critical thinking play in pursuing a career in science, technology, engineering, arts or math.

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