Alternative egg hunt ideas

Alternative egg hunt ideas

It’s the time of year where families flock to parks for have picnics, cookouts and egg hunts. This year’s festivities require a little bit of creative thinking to put on as we practice social distancing to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Although we are under a Shelter In Place Order, there’s no need to halt the hunts for eggs. Just bring it indoors or in your backyard. The Office of Public Affairs and Outreach has created two indoor egg hunt ideas that are just as exciting as having an outdoor egg hunt – if not more so. Check out these fun ideas to get you started, then feel free to add your own creativity for a festive, memory-making weekend. 

Idea #1 – Scavenger Egg Hunt

This mystery-filled egg hunt is great for older kiddos. If you have a printer, download the clues for this excitement-filled Scavenger Egg Hunt here.

Idea #2 - Find the Letters Egg Hunt

If you have younger kiddos in your household, this egg hunt is not only fun, but educational as well!


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