Got hard to recycle items? Sanitation Services makes it easy

Got hard to recycle items? Sanitation Services makes it easy

Recycling Roundup in the City of Dallas enables residents to recycle hard to dispose of materials like electronics, clothes, cooking oil, shredded paper and plastic bags. The City’s Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) cannot process these items for recycling but if the items are taken to the right location, they will be reused or recycled.

The City of Dallas Sanitation Services is offering residents a chance to drop off those hard to recycle items and will take them to the corresponding disposal locations. None of these listed items, with the exception of cardboard and hardback books, are accepted in the City’s recycling program and will be collected at the Recycling Round Up.

Recycling these items helps improve the community and environment. Taking cooking oil to the Recycling Roundup, instead of pouring it down the drain, prevents the sanitary sewer lines from clogging. The oil collected at Recycling Round Up is used to generate electricity at the Southside Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Dropping off tires ensures that they’re re-purposed and don’t end up illegally dumped in city neighborhoods. Recycling electronics at the Round Up ensures that data devices are securely recycled through an e-Stewards certified vendor and keeps electronics out of the landfill.

“The planet has finite resources and those resources continue to dwindle,” said City Sanitation Services Coordinator, Murray Myers. “If those resources, like paper and
cardboard or cans, aren’t being recycled then they’re going to the landfill where they’ll never be used again. You are putting future generations at a disadvantage by not recycling.”

The Recycling Round Up also collects items for Dallas Animal Service. Residents can clear out some space in their home by collecting and dropping off gently used towels, blankets, tennis balls and pet toys.

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