5 tips to prepare for freezing temps

5 tips to prepare for freezing temps

Weather in Texas can change with little warning. These simple tips can help keep you and your family safe during below-freezing temperatures.

  1. Take care of pets and people – don’t stay outside longer than needed, and wear multiple layers as temperatures drop
  2. Turn off lawn sprinklers to prevent dangerous ice patches – it’s a code violation to cause ice from sprinklers
  3. Residents in the City of Dallas who need relief from the extreme cold are welcome to visit any Park and Recreation or Library facility during normal business hours for temporary relief from the cold. The City of Dallas has 43 recreation centers and 29 libraries located throughout the city.
  4. Bring in or wrap sensitive plants to protect them
  5. Set faucets to drip – avoiding pipe damage during freezing temperatures can save costly repairs

The City of Dallas Office of Emergency Management has winter weather tips for your home, office and if you’re traveling. Learn more here – http://bit.ly/2zLXHXi

Written by, Anastasia Reed

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