2017 Bond Program website is live

2017 Bond Program website is live

The 2017 Dallas Bond Program website is live! It tracks the progress of voter-approved projects within the bond. Use it to explore which projects are in your neighborhood, when they begin and the cost of each project. Ten propositions comprise the 2017 Dallas Bond at a total cost of $1.05 billion.

2017 Bond Propositions

  1. Streets
  2. Park & Recreation Facilities
  3. Fair Park
  4. Flood Protection, Storm Drain Facilities & Erosion Control.
  5. Libraries
  6. Cultural & Performing Arts Facilities
  7. Police & Fire Facilities
  8. City Hall & Other City Facilities
  9. Economic Development & Housing
  10. Homeless Assistance Facilities


Click here to visit the 2017 Dallas Bond Program.

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